About Us
SaveAround was born in early 2009. Our mission: to open the doors of our thousands of existing merchant partners -in over 150 cities across America- to the purchasing power of collective buying. What might have been previously unaffordable to an individual suddenly becomes irresistibly easy to buy when you're not alone getting it!
Product Value - We have unparalleled relationships with thousands of Merchants across the country: From world-famous brands, to neighborhood-famous establishments. Thousands of not-for-profit and for profit local organizations have raised tens of millions of dollars with our fundraising product. By extending and tweaking our internet access points, we're able to bring the power of volume-purchasing to everyone. Consumers love the savings; merchants love the advertising volume and resulting sales. And with zero risk, everyone wins!
Core Company Value - It's always great to get something you want at a valuable discount. It's even better when the company you're purchasing from has great core values: Core values that brought it from a family-run business to an award-winning family-run national enterprise!
Customer and Access - No gimmicks. No fine print. No hidden clauses. No caveat emptors. No fast-talking salesmen in polyester shirts and patent-leather shoes fumbling for your contract somewhere in a simulated-leather briefcase. As a matter-of-fact: No Contracts (and no fees). ALL of our product offering are 100% FREE to our customer base. We win when you buy, so it only make sense to offer the top quality unique deals that attract the local buyers. Before your purchase is made or after you decided to buy something, you are our customer and a live phone or online chat customer service rep based in the US will be there to answer your question(s). It is our Guarantee that we will respond to any inquiries within 24 hour's. Did we mention our obsession with Customer Service?
Save Huge - SaveAround is not a Start-Up Internet experiment. SaveAround is the extension of a successful enterprise that's been in business for nearly a half-century. We're simply utilizing the Internet to extend the opportunity to save huge by using the muscle of volume buying. We don't pretend to be everything to everybody. But we're 110% positive we can provide huge savings for just about everyone! Our existing relationships extend to more than 60,000 local business, all looking for ways to drive customers thru their doors.
Our Team
Luke Stanton
Luke Stanton is the founder and CEO of SaveAround, as well as the President of Enjoy The City North, Inc. Luke's vision and work-ethic have taken a good "feet-on-the-street" company and made it a great 21st Century enterprise. Luke's ideas have retained the core values of the existing brick-and-mortar model and brought them online to the tune of 500% growth in four short years. Being one of Inc.'s Fastest Growing Companies of 2009 speaks for itself.
In addition to his obsession with customer service, Luke's versatility has expressed itself in a variety of ways and contributed to a "corporate-culture" which promotes spontaneity, creativity, harmony, and success.